Saturday, August 23, 2014

Huffing and puffing

When I sat down to check Facebook last Thursday and saw several people commenting on a missive from the government to the teachers and then read the letter myself....I pretty much lost my cool.

My tolerance is low anyway.....I am tired and too busy and a little stressed.

I sat down and wrote a blog post.  To get my thoughts out of my head so I could sleep.

It came out easily`, as some do, and I didn't do much editing although I had Allan read it to make sure I didn't sound like a complete raving lunatic.

And then I pressed send.

And that started quite a process.

The media, and others, were seemingly desperate for a parent voice on this contentious topic.  Please note fellow BC parents ..... your voice is needed!

It was edited  (by them) and then published by the Huffington Post and the Richmond News.  It's been shared over 100 times on FB and liked over 400 was read over 750 times on my own blog.  My guess is double that in total reads.

I am glad it resonated with people.
I am glad it gave some people the sense they have been heard in this mess.
I am glad so many people read it.

But I do have some writers regret.

I re-read sentences that seem clumsy and imprecise.  Wish I said more of "this" and less of "that".

I am sure I am never going to live down the ``Angry Mom Blogger`` moniker...... ever.

There are cooks and there are chefs and I am very much in the cooks category of writers (whatever that is).  I wish I was a better writer, communicator....I started this blog in part to try and get better through the discipline of regular writing.

And I write primarily for my family (and friends).   So that one day my grandchildren will pull up my blog and say "lets read what Granny did in the olden days".

So it's been a fun 24 hours but I am left feeling a little more insecure about my writing and more than a little self conscious that not only is my writing "out there" but so is my thinking and politics (ok so the politics is not really a surprise to anyone who knows me :)

Happy to see the the little graph of my blog hits settle back down to a more normal rhythm and determined to just keep on writing.

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