Sunday, August 3, 2014

Staycation 2014 - Day 1

Alarm at 5:30am is hardly the way to start my 3 day summer staycation.

Up and out the door at 6am with the kids all packed for Camp.

At the boat in Coal Harbour at 6:30am.  Our drop offs are quick these days - no need for us to linger (though I might like that!).... we hugged them both and we were off.

And so at 6:40am our one week of no parenting began.

We drove east.  Through quiet downtown streets.  I love to see the City coming to life.

We hit the highway and were soon over the Port Mann bridge and driving into the Fraser Valley.

I googled "Best breakfast in Chilliwack" and up came Cookies Grill.  Tapped the google map app and voila in 20 minutes we arrived in a light industrial area.  Our first clue was tons of trucks and cars.  Our second clue was limited parking and the final clue to know we were in for a great breakfast was a packed restaurant when we opened the door.

We found the last empty table and sat down.  The decor was....well honestly...there was none.... some of the tables were just Canadian Tire folding tables and chairs...... but the food..... well the food was exactly what you would want from a great cook.  Eggs exactly over medium.....hashbrowns crispy on the outside, crisp bacon.... simple, well cooked....perfect.  And friendly, efficient service.  And who doesn't love a menu with great quotes printed on it?

The less said about the coffee the better.

Then we headed on up to the cabin to deliver some new patio furniture.  The cabin is for sale (sniff) and my parents wanted it to look sharp and it sure does!  Spanner had a blast running through the forest catching sticks.  He loves that place as much as we do.

So our job done and only 9:45am!

We wandered back through the Fraser Valley stopping for their famous corn and other veggies and fruit - it really is such a fertile valley and the crops were looking amazing.  Allan indulged my need to stick to back roads and so we kept turning left and came home via fields and barns ( Wordless Wednesday!) and quaint farms.  Time to chat and marvel at the views and vistas...... while Spanner napped on the back seat.

We eventually had no where to go but the highway so we stopped for our usual cheaper gas fill up and a decent coffee.  We discovered the pet store there had a pet bath facility and after a few hours in the truck with Spanner we were up for trying that!  Poor guy didn't see it coming but he is clean and fresh now!

We came home and processed the corn (blanch in boiling water for 5 mins - then into an ice bath - cut off cob over a baking sheet and bag for future use!) and the no spray strawberries, made pesto with fresh basil and fresh walnut from the valley and prepared some tasty mojitos for dinner with friends.

A truly relaxed and delightful evening with dear friends...... as the hot day cooled into a spectacular evening.

My heart is full.

And its only day 1.

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