Sunday, August 17, 2014

Staycation #2

Ok so it really wasn't a staycation but I did take Friday off and around these parts these days that's as close to a vacation as its going to get for me..... which is cool.....I have a week booked off in the Fall which I am already looking forward to!

Thursday night was spent chauffeuring the teens hither and last minute and planned activities. Parenting teens is sure teaching me about flexibility.  And patience.  Things I generally need practice in any way... funny how God arranges that!  Allan arrived home from a fishing trip and finally I got home in unexpected summer rain.....tired and ready for a long weekend.

So Friday I lingered in bed reading while texting David at his sleepover trying to get a plan worked out to get him home to start organising for his planned Garage Sale on Saturday.  Lindsay and Allan and I had Lindsay's amazing cinnamon buns for breakfast on the delicious....she nailed them!

Allan and I went to fetch the tables and other garage sale supplies and when David finally arrived home at 2pm the work was well underway.

Of course we woke up to rain on Saturday morning requiring a quick change in plan as we set up tents.  We had a brisk first hour and the rest of the day was intermittent and slow but in the end David made $165, just a little short of his goal of $200.  He is 60% of the way towards his goal for fundraising for his trip to France in October.....proud of him!

We packed up, dropped left over stuff off at Value Village and collapsed on the couch for a bit.  When Lindsay got home from work we decided the late appearance of the sun was too good of an opportunity to waste so we decided to head to Iona beach.

Via White Spot....... ok local friends......I suppose you might already know this....I knew about it (Thanks Nick F) but had never done it (face palm)..... You can order a Family Pack online and pick it up at your closest White Spot  - you can customize each burger and your sides and of 4 eats for $36.  Ah-may-zing!  It's not gourmet but we were so tired and hungry and it was perfect!  And then the guy who brought our order out was a friend of the kids from Anvil.... It was all exactly great!  We headed to the beach...empty table right on the beach, my tablecloth matched the take out.....  Needless to say I will be online ordering from White Spot again.

And then.....we walked.  For miles.

We took the road and walked through blackberry bushes taller than trees, watched the tugs working the log booms, finally connected back to the beach where Spanner made a beeline for the water..... nothing was stopping him!

So we wandered back for miles along the shore as the golden hour set in and the sun finally sank behind a bank of clouds and turned the world pink..... it was soul filling (except for noting that sunset is suddenly 8:30pm when it feels like last week it was 9:30pm...).

We chatted, posed in silly poses, took too many photos of the hound, and WAY too many of the sunset....David was wielding the big camera and I think his shots will be amazing....I'll try and get them up for Wednesday...until then my phone snaps will have to do!

We had church this morning which was lovely to be back at and Ben preached on one of my soul psalms... good stuff.

An afternoon of errands and staying close to the kitchen as Lindsay continued her quest to make the perfect pretzel..... I thinks she is making satisfactory progress..... :)...the asiago sprinkled on top was genius!  So many of you have offered to have her come live with you..... back off people..... she is all mine ours and we waited a long time for this.....and we are going to enjoy every minute!

Dinner tonight with a good friend who is also a chef...he said "just bring wine".... we can do that!

So another weekend of appreciating small things, that on reflection, are not so small after
all...... my family, time, connecting with our community, quiet beaches, online orders, mayo with fries, freshly cut lawn, a good sermon, the smell of dough rising, a bouncy puppy, clouds and sunsets...... and that's just to name a few of the good things I was blessed with this weekend.

Big week ahead....Ready!

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