Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Don't wake me!

One day your daughter or son will text you this...... 

I WILL happen.......all you need to do is let them be in the kitchen....a lot....and give them confidence......model cooking and even their early not gag at anything (ever)...... make them cook books for gifts....make them aprons.....tolerate happy dances when they triumph (aka make anything edible!) cooking classes together... eat good food as a family.

Thanks mostly to Allan this actually happened in our house.

Funnily enough he is at a fishing campsite eating out of a can tonight but I, I came home to the smell of good things.

Onions, garlic, ham, yeasty dough......

Not only was she cooking ham and split pea soup - she went to the village and bough the ham hock.  

With her own money.

I am telling you....dreams do come true!

And without batting an eye this beautiful girl produced a beautiful meal from scratch.

And we had a girl dinner was SO delicious...... we had to stop ourselves from eating every.last.pretzel.bun.

I am so grateful she cooks.

That she loves being in the kitchen.

That she is so competent around food.

That she loves to eat!

We cleaned the kitchen and now she is baking these Martha Stewart lovelies......while we I sit in the kitchen with a great 80's playlist rocking the house......

And tomorrow she is planning to make cinnamon buns and maybe asiago cheese pretzels........  It's a good thing we bought the BIG bag of flour!!

Lucky Mama eh?  

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