Sunday, June 23, 2013

This weekend gets an F

Sometimes by this time on a Sunday I sit down and I am amazed at how full and busy two days can be!

I am sitting in the living room as the rest of the family watch an episode of warehouse 13 in the family room.  

We are all tired and in need of some zoning out.

Although busy this weekend had some of my favourite things......

Friends - a great dinner on Friday with the Vera' great to have friends you can just chill with - eat and drink and shoot the breeze....share our weeks.....

This photo texted to me from too far away pretty much made my weekend.  I miss this girl SO much!
So we texted her back with our secret sign

And tea with a dear friend in the sunshine in the backyard on Saturday afternoon...... living life together.... friendship is a gift

Fitness - a great workout with a great instructor.....though my body (arm and knee) remain pretty sore and I am still wearing glasses and not contacts (grrrr) - I am getting what I can was my 50th class this year on Saturday! Yay me.  I wish the running was's not.  I need to figure that out soon.

Fresh fruit - A drive to my beloved Westham Island for the field-fresh-sun-kissed strawberries.  18lbs.  Red stained hands, sweet smells and a freezer full of summer delights!  And then these little beauties Lindsay cooked up in mason jars!

Food...... a family dinner..... a celebration of exams over, baptism to come, just the opportunity to be together, blessed with our home and good food.  Summer? 

Fun - A bridal shower for a work colleague - I think the 15th staff bridal shower at my house.  Some great new games with much hilarity.....lots of great potluck food and a triple chocolate mousse cake.....

First -  This little monkey had his first birthday today..... win.... I love you!  For his birthday he had a private session with the ever amazing Scott Taylor - dog trainer extraordinaire and learned to walk a bit better in public.....we live in hope!

FULL = Happy......

Have a great week friends.

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