Monday, June 10, 2013

Break to Recreate

There goes another weekend.  June did not get my Memo clearly.

Work last week was hard.  Emotionally hard.  Too much talking, too many meetings.

I walked out of my office on Friday feeling wrung out, all in, D O N E.

On Saturday morning Allan headed off fishing and I worked out.  Thank goodness for Jazzercise.....I love those workouts - they are hard and sweaty and yet fun and friendly.  My running is stonewalled at the moment - issues with knee and arm and vision.....and loneliness I think?  Or do I miss the alone time of running?

I think I miss alone time of any kind right now......

The kids and I had a meeting over fresh baked chocolate cinnamon brioche (thank goodness I just worked off 600 calories) and headed out.  I needed to be away from the City for a bit - in open spaces where I could see and breathe.

We headed to Westham Island....across the old wooden single lane bridge and into the farmlands.

We stopped at our usual spot first - probably the earliest we have ever been out here.  Everyone was so friendly and we left with a few things but not their strawberry jam which we have come to crave with maple walnut scones that Lindsay makes.

So we stopped in at Emma Leas which is usually crazy busy later in the season but today it was quiet....and they had  fresh picked strawberries and strawberry jam! Yes!

We tootled around the island - seeing the land being plowed and planted and watered and weeded.....I felt like the land was heavy with its harvest that it will give up in a few short weeks for us to enjoy.  How lucky!  We ate potatoes for dinner that had been in the ground just a few hours before.... blessed that very blessed.  Just a couple hours outdoors, windows down, fresh air, big views..... it was good for my soul.

And then I came home and power washed the yard......such good intentions to surprise Allan with this tedious task being taken care of...... but what a mission it was.... my back is paying for it today.  But I am so happy with how it looks and the time to noodle around in my head and get all muddied up was good too.  I sorted some stuff out in my head too.

Sunday was a regroup, finish some chores (like clean out the fridge which I did ably assisted by David who had this as an assignment for his Foods course!), groceries, some reading and a lovely dinner with my parents after my Mom arrived home from visiting my sister in Alaska...... some grillin' and chillin' with a delightful apple crisp made by the ever awesome baker Miss Lindsay who also knocked out a few dozen cookies and a batch of maple scones!

I feel like I had a weekend....I

Which is good....for the week ahead......she is a doozy!

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