Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mad Hatter Tea Party

This post is to prove that you can throw a party without spending 55 hours on Pinterest!  

I did, however, contribute to the local economy by shopping several dollar stores, a couple thrift stores, the local Michaels and a great Bakery.

Sometimes a busy Mom needs all the help she can get!  I borrowed cake stands, china tea cups, games and one or two ideas from google images! (and a couple great finds from my Mom).

As always the whole family pitched in and by 2:30pm today mere seconds ahead of the doorbell ringing and the first of over a dozen beautiful teenage girls arriving ....all was ready! 

It was a fun theme to organise .....
Signposts to Wonderland

Made by Allan!

Entrance Hall
Perfect Goodie Bags
A party favour

Tea for teens

Bunting made from new and vintage Alice books

Cake toppers made from playing cards


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