Monday, June 17, 2013

1.5 hours

I had approximately 1.5 free hours this weekend.

I was solo parenting.

So it stands to reason then, that I would, of course, choose to take on a project about which I knew little, had no time to do and had to meet the deadline of a returning fisherman on Fathers Day.

Which also involved brown paint which we have now established I have some "issues" with.

As evidence that stupid ideas sometimes turn out well and that brown paint in not the evil of the paint world.... I enter the photos below.....

David is so much taller than when you last saw him!!!  

Ha ha ...or not...

The well sanded wood/metal/vinyl door is ready to be primed

Lindsay priming
As the sun set on Friday Lindsay and I had managed to get the primer on...mostly

The "stone brown" door looking good
All done including some of the worst window art ever seen
Amazing what 3 Byres can do in no time...literally.

Allan immediately saw the window art and completely failed to notice the door had been re-done.

Smile and nod...... smile and nod........

I had some other adventures this weekend, not as much sleep as I needed and I worked half of Saturday but it all ended well with a lovely Fathers Day Surf and Turf Dinner followed by Ice cream sundaes in the retro glasses Lindsay bought for her Dad.  

I bought him a lego R2D2....... and steak knives.

Good times!

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