Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dear June

Dear June


I wonder if you have a moment?  Being as busy as you usually are..... I need to have a word.

I am surprised to see you here again so soon.....did you wait the full 12 months before showing up again or did you jump the line? are here now and we need to set some boundaries.

You know how you like to race/speed through?  Like a crazy nascar race or never ending roller coaster....your need for speed leaves us dizzy June...... sick and dizzy and disoriented.

I am asking you.....P L E A S E.....could you take it a bit slower this year?

Take a deep breath June.....of the ever warming air......and exhale SLOWLY.

No need to try and be like April and May - they have their reasons for speeding through miserable weather and they have a few long weekends for us to catch our breath.

But you, June, you need to give us a break!

There in no need to rush through your days at lightening speed spinning off one event, one meeting, one "thing" every minute of every day.....

CHILL OUT June....OK......You get 30 days like all the rest of them.

Don't leave me all wrung out and exhausted with only a blur of fragmented moments.

I want to savour those moments as school slows and ends, as the light stretches later and later and the dawn creeps in ever earlier.......I want to enjoy the accomplishments of what you bring, June.....and celebrate the end of some things as new things peek out on the horizon for September to parade around for us.

Take a page from July and August and stretch out and linger and be gentle.....please June......please?


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