Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hidden in plain sight

I will admit I feel a bit silly writing this post.  

I just discovered a place..... a truly wonderful place.....a place I think about everyday now..... a place I long to return to.....

This place is 6km from my front door.

I have lived in Richmond for 14.5 years and I just went there for the first time a couple of weeks ago.

Allan and Lindsay had been there for cooking classes, I had often heard about it from various friends and yet I had never set foot there.

This place that has stolen my heart is Terra Nova Nature Park ......what an amazing gift of wide open, natural space right on my doorstep.
Terra Nova Rural Park is a 63 acres city-wide nature park in the Thompson area with historic buildings, a community garden and a picnic area.
This park has excellent habitat for birds and other wildlife in the area. Boardwalks, slough and viewing platforms are available for enhanced park visibility and access. Various agriculturally oriented activities take place at the park including: a Waterwise Demonstration Garden, Community Garden and is home to user groups such as the Fruit Tree Sharing Project and the Terra Nova School Yard Project. (City of Richmond)
The trails are easy and varied, the views to the north are amazing and the flowers and birds and mason bees so lovely.  There are also owls and bats!

Most of all, for me, is the sense of community and the wide open space......the community gardeners chatting to one another, sharing tips and materials, chatting to us and others just out walking.  The feeling of being far away from the see grass and sky and mountains.

SO close to the City, so close to the busy airport and yet miles and miles from ordinary.

A place to breathe - I literally feel my chest expand as my lungs fill with the sweet air.

A place to slow down - to wander and to watch and to slow the heartbeat.

I truly can't believe I have not enjoyed this gem of a place before.....I look forward to many many happy hours here picnicking, wandering, connecting....


PS: These kinds of places don't just happen - they take years of planning and commitment and dedication of City officials, community activists and engaged citizens - hats off to all involved here! 

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  1. One of my favourite places in Richmond! Glad you found it.