Sunday, April 21, 2013

making the most of moments

This time of year is always frantic for me.

That was before I was managing two major development projects at work.

I knew this stretch was coming - I can see it in my crazy full day book.  Yes, I still use a paper diary.

The work just has to be done.... my new motto is  "It is what it is".   

No use fussing, I just need to do it.

But even in these times of poor work/life balance there are choices to be made.

I was D O N E on Friday at lunch and Allan had a Pro-D so I declared a mini vacation for myself from all 3 of my jobs and he and I walked hand in hand in sunshine to a great little restaurant and enjoyed lunch together....we chose new dishes we had never tried - Chinese food with a side of mayo - my good friends know HOW happy that would make me!!

My XLB love has a challenger!
We wandered back through the Mall - ran a couple errands - came home and did a couple more chores. We enjoyed the time together and my brain enjoyed the break.  Earlier in the week my daily Instagram challenge was "Your Wedding Photo"..... I found ours in the closet..... How is it that almost 22 years later I love this guy so very much?  He really is my best friend and we love spending time together.  It's a miraculous gift.   

Then I had the pleasure of going to a very cool Craft Show called "Make It" with my friend Emily.  What a joy to be with a like-minded, like-souled person, to enjoy, together, the inspiring work of artists and artisans and to also enjoy a  food cart grilled cheese sandwich and a beer together!!  I was blessed by the art and more still by the friendship and conversation. 

I am lucky to be discovering that friendships found in my 40's are a gentle and deeply gratifying thing.

And then my boy came home.

Clean. Safe. Happy. Chatty.  

How is it they grow up about 5 years in 5 days? He seemed older, broader, more self-assured.  I was SO happy to have him back and to fall asleep on Friday night with all my peeps in their beds, the rain falling gently, my brain rested, my heart full.

I got up early on Saturday morning (which used to be a "thing" I dreaded but isn't so much a "thing" now that I am old). The morning was rain-washed fresh. I heard a loud, really loud, birdsong and looked up to try and  find it expecting a large bird or a few birds.  

I saw none and kept on packing my car.  

Again this loud song called out and I looked at this tiny bird  on the wires outside the house and I said to him.... "That can't be you singing, you are way too small!"
And so he sang again to show me my error..... I grabbed my camera and told him how amazing he was to be so small and have such an amazingly loud song.  I took the photo and he flew away.  

A lovely gift to start my day.

I may now be referred to as the crazy lady who talks to the birds ...that's just fine with me :)

I taught all day Saturday and it was awesome.  I love sharing my passion.  My Mom was teaching next door - so cool for the students to see us both teaching and caring and passionate about early childhood.  I took my class for a walk in the sunshine and I found a few moments to enjoy this tulip up close..... how magnificent!!

Today Allan took off on a top secret fishing trip with his friend Fil.  I cannot disclose where they went.  My life is worth more than that!  They had a very happy day together.

I went to church with the children.  It was lovely.  I love our new church.  I can't really say why exactly but I feel loved and accepted there. I love how they love my kids.  I love the liturgy, the quiet time, the music, the words.  So much can crowd out my faith if I let it but that hour on a Sunday morning centers me, reminds me of my place in the universe. 

The weather was all over the map.  Spanner and I enjoyed some sunshine together.

And then a storm blew through with wind and rain and hail and the temperature dropped right off so Lindsay made muffins for tea.  While I filed our 2012 taxes the anticipation of which is almost always worse than the actual deed.  Today was fairly painless.  I also caught up on Conference work and some emails.

The sun returned and I made dinner for my family.  Lindsay grilled some chicken.  What a joy to have such a competent girl at my side in the kitchen.  I love her to the moon and back.

I sauteed some onions in butter using a spoon David carved me recently.  It's a quirky spoon.  As it should be.  And I loved using it.

And I made a veggie full risotto while sipping a glass of wine.  Risotto cannot be rushed and I loved being in the kitchen stirring and chatting while waiting for the fisherman to return from his secret expedition.  It turned out well.

Now the table is cleared, the homework done, the laundry room and I have declared a truce, the boys have showered and David is currently watching a YouTube video on how to become the Pope. 

I no longer ask "why?"

There is work.

There is joy.

There is beauty.

May you find moments of joy and beauty amid the work this week Friends......

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