Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cooked off my feet

In Round 2 of this "make-a-month-of-meals-in-a-day" cook off the Buxton Family and the Byres Family formed their slick cooking machine in "Kitchen Stadium" and went to work.

Ok lets back up a moment here.......On Friday, despite a few bumps in the original plan, Leslie headed to the States for groceries. On Saturday I did my assigned grocery list and chopped bags of veggies while Allan made a vat of Ham and Split Pea Soup and Lindsay made dough for and pre-baked 6 pizzas.

 Lindsay got up early on Sunday morning to make dough for BBQ Pork steamed buns for lunch and apple pancakes for breakfast on cook day.  Can I just say... what a joy it is to have such a competent kid in the kitchen - she is fearless about trying any recipe and mostly very successful....thanks Lindsay!

The Buxton family arrived  with loads of groceries and their two little ones and after a great pancake breakfast and a couple pots of coffee we were off

In 4.5 hours we had 50 meals.  5 adults working in the kitchen and David taking care of the little people.  Great team work.  Leslie made stickers for the meals with reheat/cooking instructions. Thanks Les!

 We made:
Bacon wrapped meatloaf  6.5 loaves
Chicken Fajita Kits  6 packages
Sweet and Sour meatballs  6 meals
Sundried tomato and goats cheese stuffed chicken breasts 4 packages of 4 in each
Pizza's with various toppings 6
Ham and split pea soup 10 litres
Mac and Cheese 4 containers
Baked ravioli 4 container
Guinness Pie 4 pies

Worked out to $8/meal!  Can't beat that people!!!

We cleaned up.....
And went out to dinner......

Thanks Buxtons's, Thanks family...... Good night All.

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