Monday, April 15, 2013

State of Heart

I had planned to post a series of photos today of things that made my heart sing this weekend.

I was blessed to have a joy filled weekend.

And then today happened.


Once again evil stole the headlines....invaded our lives....

My heart is singing a lament tonight.....for those who mourn and hurt and are angry.  For the bombers and the bombed......for the ripples of fear that emanate across the globe....ripples of rage.....and deep sadness for a world so far far from the perfection of its creation.

I am so amazed and deeply grateful that our hearts can hold more than one song at a time.

That our hearts hold never-ending playlists of joy and sorrow and longing and energy and angst and delight.

Sing it loud or sing a whisper. Be still and sing or dance and move in the music.

I hold at least a few songs in my heart tonight and I choose to share with you the photos that delighted me this weekend as I pray that joy will follow mourning and good will triumph over evil.....

Hold on to one another friends.....hold on.

Crazy cultural experiences

Great food and treasured new friends

The smell of polish and the story of old furniture

Dozens of Daffodils

Tubs of Tulips

Great wine and great dessert

My boy packing

My random bulbs that pop up and surprise me

Hiking boots on.....GO!

Cherry Blossoms and Blue Skies

My Graduate

Being honoured - SO SO proud!!

BA Leadership Grads 2013 - Changing the World

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