Friday, April 19, 2013

The difference a David makes

There has been a hole in our lives this week exactly this shape.....

And as I longingly wait for that hole to be plugged with this exact shape later tonight (in the same condition it left in)....I am reflecting on the difference my David makes in my life and in our family.


It has been a lot quieter at home.  David is a great chatterbox.  He has a head full of knowledge and a built-in, automatic SHARE button on every bit of that knowledge.  Many times he is interesting but many times he is asked to SHUTUP  a) ask if we want to hear his new tidbit now or later or ever b) keep it to himself for later possible sharing or c) look up before spouting forth as we may be on the phone, talking to each other, in the shower.....

On the downside of this particular trait is there has been no one to discuss North Korean nuclear disarmament, global terrorism or the latest manufacturing numbers in Canada with.  Before breakfast.

David talks to himself if no one else is listening - most notably when he is showering and when he is going to sleep....... we joke with him about this ......especially how he didn't start talking until he was 2 and then never stopped.....but I miss his chatter......really I do......he is a very interesting person to talk to.

Lindsay misses that he hasn't been around to un-stack the dishwasher.  Secretly I think she misses him for other reasons too but she won't say.

I miss seeing his skinny self at the kitchen island every morning in his PJ's and usually wrapped in a fleece blanket munching on his breakfast always with a smiley "good morning".

I miss his memory and his close observation.  This kid never misses anything (except the odd homework assignment it would appear).  He looks for ways to help others, reminds me of things I would otherwise forget.  He remembers long ago conversations and often helps us remember details we would have long forgotten or overlooked.

I miss his hugs.  His gangly, scrawny self all folded into me....holding tight.

I miss his giggle.....he has a great laugh.

I miss his eyelashes.  I know .... creepy mom.....

Of course there are things that are easier with one less person to cook for and drive for and take care of.  A little less laundry (although I am sure he will more than make up for that tomorrow), a little less clutter in the front hall where he notoriously dumps all his gear after school EVERY day, a few more cookies in the cookie jar (having not been raided for afternoon snacks)......

It's been fun to have our girl to ourselves for a few days too but our family was meant to be a foursome and with any one of us missing it's like driving a car with a missing wheel....

I sincerely hope he had a blast - maybe I will ask him to share about his time on this blog.....but I am SO looking forward to hugging him, hearing his stories and having the David difference back in our lives.

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