Thursday, April 11, 2013

Musings of my manic mind


It's Thursday and I just survived a shower all alone in my house.  Again.


When one has a blog it makes one spend much time musing about what to write.  I may have done this before I blogged.  It may be that that is why I started to blog in the first place.  To get all that "stuff" out of my mind.

I just "wrote" three great blog posts while I was avoiding the serial killer in the shower.


The first one was sheer brilliance.

Inspired by my afternoon of Meet the Teacher it was an open letter to my children.

One of those pithy, witty, humorous yet truthful motherhood posts that goes viral and causes the collective motherhood of teenagers to all nod and sigh in unison and ask "who is this Nicky? She gets us... we heart her".... the share button gets worn out by all the FB parents sharing this with captions like "This is the best", "So True" "LOL".

I am so sorry it went down the drain with my shampoo......

Maybe it will come back to me one of these days..............the title needs a little work.....

"Do your Freaking Homework or I am going to lose my Freaking mind"   possibly needs some editing......

The other post was on my recent culinary adventures and this one I may actually get around to writing seeing as my last post has so boosted the quarterly earnings of Steveston Vietnamese that they may name the coconut cake after me......

I suggested "The Steveston Sensation" but the owner is worried that may upset other bakers in the Village....... The "CocoNicky" is a bit too close to "LocoNicky" ..... I will keep you posted ....... and shortly I will share with you 2 Broadway Hits in Vancouver.....stay tuned.

The other was a hard-hitting expose of the political charade I was implicated in today.  It was worthy of Newsweek.......In my head I could hear Christiane Amanpour interviewing me on a CNN exclusive.

But I would have to name names and then that would (by my natural catastrophic thinking) lead to me having to enter a witness protection program after I was run out of town by angry developers and politicians.

So I have used up every ounce of self-control and maturity the last 43 years have developed in me and I am zipping my mouth.

Call me for a coffee and I will fill you in off the record. Use the code word "crooks".

So after my shower during which I remembered I left the dog loose downstairs which led to a wet run down the stairs, keeping a sharp eye out for killers, and after which I put on my PJ's only to remember I have to drive to get the kids and these days its too light to get away with PJ's at 8pm...... I pulled on some yoga pants and my "Mom's gonna snap" t-shirt.

Which seems perfect for this evening of failed blog posts, failed parenting and a caustic wit.

Chardonnay on ice for when I get home.

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