Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend Food and Fitness

Boy oh Boy ....... where did the weekend go?

We had vague plans to go out on Friday night to celebrate Allan's first "new" paycheck  after finishing his degree......but honestly we were all just so tired.  And I had to teach on Saturday all day so I wanted to go over my notes one more time.

I bought a couple of maps of South Africa to start orienting the kids and we spent hours pouring over them and looking up places to stay on the Internet - we talked about our hopes and fears and dreams.   David is currently doing a very in-depth project on South Africa so this is all coming together nicely for him... and us.

We were up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday  - another icy morning - we have had such a run of cold, clear, sunny days (hence the icy mornings) and I fear they are coming to an end this week as the rain returns......but there is no doubt the days are getting longer a few minutes everyday.

Anyway back to Saturday.  I went off to teach and the boys went to Soccer and then Allan and Lindsay went off to an Asian cooking class at Terra Nova Farm with Chef Ian Lai.  They had a great time learning about various doughs for steamed buns, dumplings and spring rolls. David had a lovely afternoon and as he said "some really great conversations" with Gaga (my Mom).  I got home around 4:30 after a great day of teaching and learning with my students (who are a lovely bunch) and by 5:30pm we were headed back into Vancouver to our newly discovered "favourite" pizza place.

We had such a laid-back dinner there - tried 5 kinds of pizza including the dessert pizza and chatted to the chef all through about all sorts of things - he is from Steveston like us so we had lots to chat about.  It was blessedly quiet as most in our town were sucked back into Hockey after the recent lock-out but we are still in protest mode over the hockey players and owners millionaire whine fest.

We were so full but so relaxed and we drove home and by 9:30pm we were all ready for bed.

Sunday we were up for church and then Allan and I headed to COSTCO while the kids were in youth and did a whirlwind shop and then had time for a quick brunch before we picked them up.

Then Allan and I both had fitness assignments.  Our soon-to-be coach wanted us to do some distances and time ourselves so she has a baseline from which to work.  So Allan set off for a 20km bike ride while I headed off on a 5km run.  We were both pleased with our results - Allan more than I but as ever I had higher expectations than my skill (or lack thereof) would indicate.  I am happy to have done it and ready to start improving on my time and pace and gait and so many other things. 

 We somehow all ended up in the kitchen and Lindsay made dough for Asian BBQ pork buns and also made cranberry maple scones.  Our good friends came over for tea and we had a lovely visit.  While Lindsay assembled the buns I made leek and potato soup and we had a lovely food fusion dinner.

It was a busy but fun weekend with lots of laughs and family time and friends too.

 A busy week ahead  and a busy weekend next weekend quickly we get back into the groove after holidays....

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