Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend by the numbers

1 Amazing homemade dinner #yum

2 workouts - a 5 km walk and a jazzercise class but no run.....frustrated by that but life got in the way. #iwanttorun

3loads of laudry #ugh  .....   also the goals against in the cup soccer game David played today playing a team in the next tier up #greateffort (they won on Saturday in North Van)

4 tickets to South Africa paid for and ready to be booked #dreamstoreality

4.5 hours with the two P's  - Penelope and Parker - delightful and fun (except for a 40 minute stretch in the middle ;) #2preciousp's

5 items of clothing purchased - 2 for me and 3 for Lindsay #ihateshopping (oh and 2 items for little peeps - don't know how that happened or why I love shopping for them so much more than for me!)

6 photos I found of Penelope on my iPhone #dontleaveatoddlerunattended

7  hours sleep last night #notenough

8 cups of coffee #idonthaveaproblemwithcoffeeihaveonewithoutit

9 people who asked stupid uneducated questions about Africa at Missions Fest today. Especially loved the guy who pointed to Uganda as the country he wanted to work in but thought it was Rwanda. #getaclue

10 hours spent one-on-one with my daughter #grateful

11 times I got Spanner to retrieve on command (slightly less on getting him to drop it in the bucket) #gettingthere

12 times I replayed our close encounter with a stupid driver trying to mow us down in a crosswalk #drivesafe

and many other delightful and amazing moments in the midst of busyness...... like bumping into friends at the Mall, seeing several friends at Missions Fest, crocuses popping through the soil, Friday night take out, kids cleaning their rooms, playing with a toddler who cracks me up, the fascination of a baby with a puppy, bacon, riding the Canada line, sunshine after rain, the smell of the BBQ, Instagram fun, Foursquare wars with Lindsay, a few quiet minutes after the alarm, holding hands with my Beloved, a travel agent who is on the ball, my credit union, watching my Dad do what he is best at, just enough time to blog before my head hits the pillow and Monday rolls around!


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