Thursday, January 31, 2013

Don't Despair

Did you ever have that moment when you wanted to pin a note on your child as they headed off to school / child care that said
"This child dressed him/herself"
in order for all to know that you are neither a negligent, half-blind mother nor living under a bridge?

At this point in my life I could pin a note that says
"These jeans were squat tested in the change room at the store" or
 "This T-shirt was purchased without Mom approval"
except that the note would be shredded before leaving the house and teen discontent would set in and that....that is not something we wish on anyone.

It was the same, sometimes, with homework or projects.  I wish I could have sent a note saying
"This child did all his/her own work without hours of assistance from his/her parents"  
I am pretty sure I never did send that note .... pretty sure..... but I did shudder once or twice as some scrawly document was handed in or some poster project with barely recognisable drawings was submitted.

Not that my children didn't try...... they did.....but presentation and artistic skills are not high....or not a priority.  Both my kids have rebelled at seemingly meaningless projects. 

A poster on "What you did during Spring Break" may have lead you to believe we had been at some substance induced zombie rave, next to a lake, that was surrounded by dwarf trees, while giant predatory birds circled overhead. 

When, in fact, we were at Disneyland.

So when David had to do a huge research project called "Homeland" which the teacher stressed had to not only be good ..but... also look good on a poster presentation board... and ...would count for a large chunk of his mark for the term..... I got a little sweaty.

I knew the research would be no problem.  David was fully "into" his chosen topic of South Africa.  I was also sure we had lots of stuff we could help with.  But being a parent who has never done their children's homework I hung back and watched and waited.  David is also very clear about how he thinks things should go and and friendly advice, such as a mother, from South Africa, might give, is not always.....welcome.

I was requested to get the Poster Board and I also bought some letters for titles and a border....just in case it would be helpful.   I was getting maps for our upcoming trip to South Africa so I got a small one for David just in case it would be helpful.

As he colonised our living room and dining room and  I saw the project starting to emerge my concerns started to subside...... it was looking good.....

Miracle of miracles David actually asked for and took some advice and though he got pretty close to the wire to get it done it looked amazing and I am very proud of what he produced.

And curious again about how when we engage children in work that interests them and give them time to explore their curiosity we see amazing work.

Also Google images is a BIG help :)

Well done David! 

No need for me to send a note with this one. 

But if I was going to it would say
"Give this boy an A".

Just saying.

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