Sunday, January 6, 2013

And another week whizzed by!

Just like that I am sitting here feeling the Christmas break slipping through my fingers......the sand in the egg timer is fast running out and reality is about to burst in upon us.

And that is ok.

Life must move on and things must get done.

This week at home has been just what we needed.  The Christmas rush and then the Cabin calm were perfectly followed by lazy at home days.

I was even too lazy to blog much...... which has never happened before.  I wrote several in my head during too many restless, sleepless nights which seem to happen more and more.....but when daylight rolled around I found myself doing other things rather than sitting at my computer.

So a quick catch-up of the week just ending.

Monday...... I ended my fitness year with a 75 minute class in Ladner that was really great.  I drove there in falling snow and gave my body a good workout including a new routine to the popular Gangnam song which I enjoyed and reprised in the parking lot after dinner and in high heels.

The children were mortified!

New Years Eve...... We had a relatively quiet day settling back into being at home, finishing laundry etc.  When we left for the Cabin we had no NYE plans but by Monday we were faced with too many options!

We started NYE at a house party of mainly new friends from our new church.  We had a great time chatting and visiting.  Soon we headed off to our pre-planned dinner at the American Grille with my parents.  A delicious 4 course menu followed which, although very delicious and with excellent service, just was too much money for what it was.  I think eating out on NYE is a bit of rip off and I think we will make other plans in the future.

We ended up home before midnight  and actually in bed when the fire crackers went off around the neighbourhood.

Tuesday we had brunch with friends - we used a new recipe and made Dutch Pancakes which were a good experiment and one we will repeat.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were a mixture of reading, watching movies, some homework was done, Lindsay and I had an adventure (see tomorrows post on that), I cleaned and sorted our master bathroom and walk-through closet and was equal parts delighted and horrified, I worked out, Netflix was well used, The annual Christmas puzzle was done in record time (even though it was holographic), I did some work on the courses I start teaching next week and I enjoyed a few social visits over coffee and lunch with some dear friends.

It was delightful and by Friday I was feeling pretty relaxed and unwound...... isn't that often the way.... just as you finally feel on vacation its over......and maybe that is perfect....... no time to be bored or aimless.

On Friday night the kids went to Chapel and Allan and I went to The French Table on Main Street for a delicious date and some much needed chat time.  It was so great.  I do really love that guy and dates are so fun.

I messed up Saturday when my new Alarm clock didn't go off.  Lindsay saved the morning with waffles and bacon and an hilarious family breakfast was enjoyed by all before we got to de-Christmas the house.  Scott the dog-trainer came by and we had another incredible session with a skilled dog trainer who put Spanner and us through our paces and left us 3 hours later much improved dog owners.  David and Allan prepared a lovely dinner followed by DQ blizzards and a re-watch of "Bridesmaids" which wasn't as funny as the first time - mainly because I was filtering it for our teens and feeling a bit uncomfortable in places!

They, of course,  found it very funny.  Am I getting old?

So on this rainy, grey, cold Sunday-before-Monday-reality we are all puttering away, running errands, planning meals, cleaning up, doing laundry, walking the dog in his new raincoat......and then we will be off to the Blue Canoe for a vacation end celebration.

It whizzed by for sure but I am hoping it was just what we needed.

And hey, Spring Break is only 12 weeks away!

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