Monday, January 7, 2013

Of the best pizza and letter writing

Last week I had an evening planned with my friend Emily.   She had suggested a great event we could attend together and I was keen.  Sadly her daughter got ill and we rescheduled our meet up time for another day.

But the event sounded so great I asked Lindsay if she was game to give it a whirl with me and, as ever, my trusty sidekick was in like a shot.

I gave her the job of finding us somewhere to eat around Main and 25th where there is abundance of options.  I suggested maybe pizza and she found a little place with great reviews and booked a table.

Which was a bit of a joke as there are only about 5 tables and it's not a "reserve-your-table" kind of place - more a take-out than eat-in dealio...... you order at the counter.....seemed very friendly.....and then the pizza came...... OH.MY.WORD.

It's Roman style pizza served in squares and it was out of this world..... with a side salad and pizza dough bread - we were in carb/pizza heaven!

I have eaten way too much pizza in my life......of all kinds.... even some local gourmet pizza......but for me...this topped them all (excuse the pun!).

I seriously did not want anyone else to know about's just so perfect the way it is - regulars coming in and out "Ciao"ing to one another......I felt like I was in Rome again.

But because you will want to go there.....I give you my bellissimo daughter and the name of the best pizza spot ever........ you are welcome!  For those of you not in Vancouver - I hereby pledge to take you there as soon as you land.

So full of pizza, we wondered down to this little store on Main and 24th
It has a catchy name
And on the first Thursday of every month it has a Letter Writing Club
Yes......those are typewriters

On which you are free to write letters.  We were early and we snagged a couple of Smith-Corona's and got to work.

Very, very, v e r y slowly.

First I showed Lindsay and a few others around how to thread the paper and then we began to..... ah.... hit the keys.....
There was tea and cookies were offered as heads bowed over the typewriters and pecked away.

Soon the room was awash with so much tapping and zinging and letters and poems and notes and recipes were created by a very diverse crowd (while another whole crowd waited in line for a turn at the typewriters).

It was fascinating to imagine what had brought everyone here.

I typed 5 letter in total - ok small notes - except for the one longer letter I typed to my Mother-in-law in homage to her 150 typed words per minute she could do when it was her job to type exam papers on a typewriter!!!!  I cannot imagine.........

You can stamp your letter with designs and symbols afterwards and they provide everything you need and all for free.  It was such a lot of fun and a unique and interesting experience.

We were pretty hopeless but pretty proud of our badly spaced, badly spelled missives.

I leave you with this photo of Lindsay without her head chopped off as it is in every other photo I took that night - I think it was the shock of her having her hair down and not straightened...... is she not a beautiful girl?  I think so!

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