Thursday, November 1, 2012

The delight of mail

On Monday our household received two letters

Two personal, hand addressed letters

One from South Africa (mailed in England)

One from Sydney, Australia

One from the Byres side of the family

One from the other side of the family (my mother's side).

One written beautifully by my niece

One containing the beautiful images taken by my cousin (of her son, my second cousin)

It is so unusual to get "snail mail" these days, handwritten and personal notes let alone from such far flung places!

It was just so lovely, I savored every word and was reminded that, as efficient as email and Facebook might be, there really is no substitute for a handwritten note, a letter.

I have resolved to write more letters.

Thank you CC and CM for your lovely missives from afar - loved and appreciated across the miles.

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