Saturday, November 3, 2012

Crafty Conference

 It was our annual child care conference today and 200 folks gathered and had a great day.  

Their day was such a success thanks to a truly great committee that works together so well to put this event on. I wrote about them here last year after conference.

I have the lovely job of coming up with a small token of appreciation for the committee of 17.

The conference is called Circles of Caring so I am usually thinking something round, circular...

I am also on a budget.

So imagine my utter delight when this crafty little idea came to me without the assistance of Martha or Pinterest!

I found mason jars for $2.29 at Michaels.

I found this list on the internet
The 51st use was "to thank a creative and dedicated conference committee."

I found chalkboard stickers, a little raffia ( and a starbucks card in the jar) and Voila!
Pretty sweet.......if you are on my Christmas list prepare to mason jarred!


  1. Love those gifts! Where did you find the chalkboard labels?