Monday, November 19, 2012

Timeline to Olympic Glory

We hit Friday night with a collective sigh and slumped onto the couch.

Those 4 day weeks are sneaky little weeks - they lull you into thinking they will be a be a breeze and then they sucker punch you.

I am onto them.  I didn't end up on the ropes.  But I was ready to be done!

Saturday was the usual Byres Madness with a touch of added craziness thrown in because we Byres like to take busy, crazy, mad to the next's like an olympic sport with us.....and trust me when I tell you we would make the, no....we would OWN the podium!

7am             Alarm

7:15am        Al walks the dog

8am             Me to Jazzercise (3 days of consecutive workouts after a work induced break - my abs are protesting....much)

8:30am        Boys to soccer

9am             Lindsay to babysit

9am             Me home, let the dog out to ..... play?, shower, put on the laundry, blow dry hair, put dog back in crate.

10am          Me at Vancouver Winter Farmers Market (locals - go to this market - it is so wonderful!).  I did a quick spin around and got some great food and collected the case of frozen organic chickens that were donated to my work for our silent auction.

10:45am     Deposited chickens at work

11am          Me home

11:15am     Boys home from Soccer soaking wet.

11:15          Allan walks the dog.....again.

12:00          Lindsay home

12:15          Lindsay and I head for the border

1pm            We are across in pouring rain and headed to Bellingham.

1:30pm ish  Fred Meyer to get Starbucks VIA for Al's sister and brother-in-law in South Africa who need it STAT .  We find other things to buy at FM.  As do 50,000 other people.

2pm            We are off to the post office to mail the package full of VIA coffee.  With no GPS (left it on the couch at home).  We pull up outside Starbucks and steal WiFi and we are off again.

2:25pm        Locate Post Office in dubious part of town.  Have no money for meter so run into RiteAid and buy something to get change.

2:35pm        Dash through rain into post office.  Which is clearly closed. Assemble parcel and address it hoping for a postal miracle. No luck.  Postal worker appears and tells us about a different office which may be open. Across town.

2:50pm        It is not open.

2:55pm        Steal more Wifi at Starbucks parking lot.

3:10pm        Arrive at UPS store.  They can't accept an international package.  But I can courier for about the same price as a University Degree.

3:15pm        Dejected and frustrated we pack it in and head to the Mall......a perfectly logical solution to dejectedness and frustration......and if you disagree I can find you 55,000 people who felt the same was as we did and were also at the Mall......listening to Boney M Christmas music.

3:20 - 5:10pm   Shopped.

5:10pm         I was seized by the notion I should check what time the Costco closed seeing as that was the other point of going to Bellingham. The website said 6pm.

5:11pm         Yell for Lindsay - dart through Target and the rest of the Mall like people on the run from the Law or on the Amazing Race. (I then proceeded to inexplicably trip every 10 paces - it was ridiculous)

5:15pm         Arrived at Costco (no that is not a typo if you are following the timeline but we are not going to talk about that) It seems everyone who was at the Mall with us did the same thing because there were 55,000 people there too.  We split up did mad crazed loops around an unfamiliar Costco and were out the door by 5:45pm.

5:50pm         We sat in a booth at Bobby McHales - a mega restaurant in the Costco parking lot - tired and hungry.  We both spied the Holey Moley Guacamole Burger and ordered it.  It was magnificent in a way only an American, oversized, inexpensive burger can be for two hungry Canadian girls who may not have conquered "The List" but did accomplish much.

6:45            We staggered to the car via a Starbucks for actual drinks this time not just their Wifi..... and while we were waiting Lindsay looks over towards Costco and remark it appears to still be open.


Indeed the website is wrong and the sign outside (which we missed as we blasted through the doors) says its open until 7pm.....SIGH!

7:00pm        Filled up with gas.

7:45pm        A kindly border guard lets us through seeing as we didn't buy guns or alcohol

8:15pm        HOME - Costco unpacked in record time

9:15pm        The Pastor FB's me to ask if I will speak at a General meeting after Church tomorrow. I say yes. Of course.

9:30pm        Boys home from Bond.....James Bond

10pm           All lights in the house out.

Think you could beat us to the CrazyMadBusy Family Olympic Podium?

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