Monday, November 5, 2012

Daylight Saving

My facebook was awash in status updates complaining about daylight saving yesterday......and to be sure... that first early dark day always feel a bit dreary.....and the evening seems to stretch on forever.....and then you get to bed and wonder why sleep doesn't come easily......and then (if you are me) your alarm doesn't go off and the whole first school morning of daylight saving 2012 is a gong show.

So feeling discombobulated and frazzled and facing a challenging day I stepped outside..... into.....daylight!

I had to dig through my purse to find my sunglasses!

I started to drive to work and got to the point where I should have headed north to work and decided to turn south and revel in the opposed to watching it from my desk like last week.

And what a glorious little gift it was......

I am no great fan of the daylight saving but now that it is begun we are that much closer to Spring Ahead......and we have sunrise back at a decent hour for a couple of weeks....

I know I will lament the darkness at 4pm and the kids in our child care centres will all believe they have been forgotten by their parents and be upset this afternoon.....but until then....let's you and I enjoy the gift that was this morning......

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