Monday, November 12, 2012

Travelling Circus

When traveling for the first time with a 19 week old puppy I have the following advice:

1. Have low expectations

2. Buy a muzzle (for the teething puppy and for the freaking out kids who believe their faces are in imminent danger of being eaten off - or both)

3. Don't leave for the first trip in a) high traffic and b) darkness

4. Buy the seat belt harness with the shortest possible tether

5. Do not feed the dog or let him drink for 48 hours prior to the trip

6. Bring ear plugs for the whole family and/or test the maximum volume on the stereo before leaving

7. Pack treats and toys - chew toys - many chew toys - and very chewy treats.

8. Do not travel until the puppy can pee on command at -6 degrees in the wind and snow in under 25 seconds on the side of a the dark.

9. If possible tranquilize the dog

10. If 9) above is not possible...... tranquilize yourself.

If you are lucky the dog will sit quietly, enjoy the scenery, snack when appropriate, have a nap, pee, poop and puke outside the car when requested to do so or as needed.

I am not a lucky person.

PS - we survived - with humour (alcohol was not available)

PPS - so did the puppy who wishes to demonstrate with the following evidence that his mother is exaggerating a little bit

Exhibit A - Does this kid look stressed - no way!

Exhibit B - I am the model travel dog!

Exhibit C - She is SMILING!

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