Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wake up call

There is an unmistakable and discernible dip in the temperature and the sun is rising later each day (someone please send the damn seagulls the memo please).

This summer has rushed on by without barely a quiet moment to be had much less a family vacation.  That's ok. We knew it would be so.

And now we are in full back to school mode with shopping for clothes and shoes and jackets.  Soccer started, new cleats hit the astro turf under lights last night in a rain shower......hello Fall.

There is a melancholy in the neighbourhood........

And then I read THIS on a friends blog today. 

It shut me up. 

I am going to enjoy this beautiful cool sunny day and every day of the rest of this week with my family. In our beautiful home.

No complaints, just gratitude.

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