Friday, August 17, 2012

Insta Love

This sounds like a good (although somewhat optimistic) name for a Dating Service. 

It isn't.

But I have fallen in love.....sort of.....

I have been "friends" with my iPhone camera for a while and quite surprised with the quality of the shots I can get.  And as my famous photographer cousin Caileen reminded me - its the camera that you have with you that gets the best shot....indeed.

My bloggy friend , fellow soccer Mom and avid photographer Janice got this nifty  ollo clip lens for her iPhone which I now covet and have on my "must get one day" list.

I have also been "friends" with Instagram for a while with its quirky filters that make some of my perfectly average shots look artsy and interesting. With one click.

But for a long time I was underusing Instagram.......and not using it well. 

Of course my15 year old schooled me in the proper use of Instagram and I can now # with the best of "them" and I have followers.

I love the macro world of Instagram and the filters/borders/effects and the way to connect with people across the world one small photo at a time.

On anything that catches my fancy.

My phone is almost always in my pocket.

And as with most good things.....there is a dark side and some of the #'s out there are....shall we say....unsavory and inappropriate and although the people behind Instagram seem to try and deal with questionable content quite cannot un-see be cautious when you click!

Did you know you could send a "postagram" of your instagram?  I have never sent one but I got my first one in the mail today and I was so delighted with it - it's a wonderful memory, and a cleverly designed product I would happily pay a dollar plus postage to send.

So this blog post I extolled the virtues or not of the "big daddy" cameras but, as was rightly pointed out,  the phone cameras both i and android are excellent and Instagram is so much fun!

Oh and a shout out to Pic Stitch which also makes phone photos lots of fun by creating collages!

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