Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spanner in the Works

Q. What is a "Spanner in the Works?"
A.   A studio album released by Rod Stewart on May 26, 1995 - Correct

A.   A sentence in  P. G. Wodehouse's Right Ho, Jeeves, 1934: "He should have had sense enough to see that he was throwing a spanner into the works." - Correct

A.   'Put (or throw) a spanner in the works' refers to the calamitous effects of throwing a spanner into   the gears and pistons of an engine. It's safe to say that the phrase was rarely called on to describe an actual event and is likely to have been coined for its imagery - Correct

A.   An idiom meaning "Deliberately causing mayhem."  - CORRECT.

We got a dog this summer.  By "we" I mean three very excited and delighted members of the family and......me.

We named him Spanner. (As opposed to crescent wrench which doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well). Some might say it has thrown a Spanner in the works of the Byres Family machine.

Others would disagree.

Of course he is the cutest.puppy.ever.

Photo: Leigh Langman
Of course he is so.much.work.
Of course he directs and determines our.every.move.

Photo: Leigh Langman
Life in our household is slowly adapting to this new addition who is equal parts adorable, ear-flapping, bum-wiggling, lovingingly energetic sweetie and sharp-toothed, yipping barking,ankle-biting, newspaper shredding demon.

Not surprising is the amount of time and energy he takes.

What is surprising is all the mental work he takes. All the decisions to make about insurance, vets, crates, food, walks, discipline, training, schedule, treats, traveling with pets etc.etc.etc.

I think that as he reaches his 9 week birthday tomorrow and we check off 2 weeks of dog ownership - we are doing well.

One item chewed, no inside accidents, 50% successful at "going" in his designated spot, one attempt at digging in the garden (managed to deter with chili flakes), walks well on leash towards home (will not leave the house on his leash - has to be carried???), eats like a champ, slept through the night second night home, sits for a treat, still lots of jumpy, yappy, biting puppy behaviour when excited but starting to listen to "down", "off" and "leave it".

Life will never be the same - but I am starting to see how much our pup will add to our lives.  So impressed with how my family has embraced the hard work, scooped the poops, walked him early in the morning and in the evening, played with him, loved him.
Photo: Leigh Langman
Good start Spanner.....keep it up little buddy and we'll all get along fine.

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  1. Spanner looks cute and cuddly and not at all like a Rod Stewart album.