Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hazy, Crazy (but not yet) Lazy days of Summer

Its been a wild 24 hours or so...... going back to work after being sick, getting ready to go away ourselves and getting these two nutters ready for Camp......

Camp Theme "Comic Books and Super Heroes"......

Introducing "Wolverine"

And Miss Power Puff

And this young man came along and stole my heart with his gorgeous little nose.....Parker John Hofs welcome to the world Buddy - we can't wait to love on you and watch you grow up. 

Stole Lindsay's heart too.....
And then this little brown bundle did a number on our hearts....... please meet Spanner Byres.....arriving home August 22 and launching us into a parallel universe of all things dog...."Spanner sweetie - please don't make us regret this decision"

And this time tomorrow I will be here......Ahhhhhhhhhh

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