Sunday, August 19, 2012

Camp Plus

My kids have been going to Camp for 4 years now.

They LOVE camp.  They would live there if they could.

It's on this island in Howe Sound.

They go up and back on this boat.  They go clean and excited - come back tired and stinky and happy.
They "sleep" here
7 days of fun, freedom, crazy adventures, great friendships, great faith building, challenging speakers, star gazing (or storm watching this year) amazing food, gross (yet somehow amazing) food fights, no showers, ocean swimming, wake boarding early in the morning....

It would appear they even enjoy each other at camp.....this is them actually touching!
What is not to like? Ask a kid not an adult - for me the lack of showers = neva eva eva would I love it.

They have made some good friends over the years.

And not one of them from Richmond.

We have nurtured long-distance friendships, driven back and forth to Whistler, Surrey, New West. Used skype alot.

So when Lindsay went to Camp 6 this year as an LiT (Leader in Training) and her fellow LiT's were all from the Lower Mainland they immediately made plans to hang out - I was overjoyed.

Good friends, close enough to have real relationships with....face time vs skype!!  Yes!

So despite her little chipmunk face and less than usual sunny self (having just had all 4 wisdom teeth out) - she not only went bowling with the girls tonight - she spent hours making them pot plant holders modgepodged with bible verses and painted with inscriptions to remember being LiT's together in 2012.

They looked so good - it made us feel less terrible about ripping up a bible!

 I drove her there tonight and she was literally mobbed with hugs - big manly bear hugs from an array of beautiful young girls.  Much girly laughing and all 7 of them talking at once....a very delightful scene to behold.

My heart was SO SO grateful.

Good solid girlfriends are SO important anytime in life but none more so than those fraught teen years....when we picked her up a couple of hours later (with Spanner in tow for much love and adoration) there were more bear hugs and many suggestions for future gatherings as phone numbers were exchanged and I am pretty sure the texts were flying before we were home.

I love camp for many, many, many things that it gives my children.

But maybe I love it most for this.

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