Friday, August 31, 2012


01/09/1999 the world welcomed David Byres.  That would mean that today you are 13....... 13???...... I blinked didn't I.

Happy Birthday my son. 

Your life is a gift to me, to your family. 

You have such a huge heart that loves so unreservedly and so fully.  A heart so big it lets in too many of the worlds worries and pain.  They way that injustice makes you sad and angry is both wonderful and hard to see.  The world needs people like you who think deeply, feel deeply and rise to action on behalf of others. 

Your Mama wants you to guard that precious heart and shield it from the pain and hurt. 

Your whip smart brain is also so so full of information and facts and knowledge about SO SO many make my head spin with all your knowledge. 

Like your Mama you are a classic over-sharer....I love that about you most of the time - the other times I will admit I fleetingly consider duct taping your mouth shut for a few minutes.,,..but then I realise I would be stupider (I know I know - stupider is not a word).... without all the stuff you keep me informed about...I might not even know how to vote, or what CSIS is listening to or what sports car that is in front of me...:) .  Thank you for staying on top of things for me.

I hope you always love learning and reading and..... sharing what you know.

You have been a joyful, loving child, with those long eyelashes brushing those have endured things you shouldn't have had to and done it with courage and endurance and little complaint. 

You have befriended both adults and children and peers and you have been a good friend. 

You have forgiven those who let you down and moved on. 

You don't hold grudges. 

You are passionate about cars and drums and the environment and longboarding and breakfast. 

 You have great style and a gorgeous giggle. 

You never stop talking.  You could teach people how to talk without breathing - you have perfected the skill.

You are lame at telling jokes but every now and then you throw a one-liner that floors us all. 

You love being on the soccer field, even when you grumble about the cold and the running.

You worry about too much stuff but face it squarely and boldly and still occasionally hold my hand in public. 

You drive us crazy the way you won't back down from an argument even when you are wrong (which is hardly ever but we need to win sometimes!) but we think it will make you a great advocate or activist one day - and by that we mean a lawyer. 

You are about to start two big journeys - being a teenager and going to high school. 

You are ready....ready to show what you know, ready to work hard and be a leader, ready for new challenges and new friends.

Your family is so proud of you, we love you a bijillion to the power of 10 (here's hoping that finally stumps your calculator brain).

Happy Happy 13th Birthday David.

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