Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rings of Earth

This is going to come as a shock to some of you.....brace yourselves......

You were taught in school that Saturn (the planet not the automobile) has rings.
Noone told you about Earth's rings did they?
Ah HA.....
Well.....there are three rings around the earth. 

Let me enlighten you.

Ring #1
Socks.  This comes as no surprise really - there had to be a place they all went and as soon as those slackers at NASA get a better telescope the multihued "Ring o'socks" will become visible to earthlings .....and mothers across the land will be able to stop their exasperated yelling at the washing machine /dryer/children/spouses as they glance out of the laundry room window to the "Ring o'socks" best visible at 9:30pm as the last load of laundry is being sorted, and shake their collective heads and fists at the ring.

Ring #2
Baby stuff.  I have long known of this ring.....as soon as you put out the word that the stork is going to be delivering a baby to your home, the ring starts to spin off items in your direction.  Clothes, bedding, beds, chairs, books, games, you-name-it.......this ever-circling ring just beyond the "Ring o'socks" is ever changing as earthlings receive and dispatch items of babyhood in a never-ending cycle.  This is the earths reuse, recycle object lesson and I love it....I like to think of all that baby stuff up there just ready to help a new human and his
/ her family as needed.

Ring #3
Dog stuff.  This is a revelation to me....I have been kept in the dark for far too long on this....but you cannot undo awareness and I tell you...there is the "Ring o'Fido" out there full of dog paraphernalia waiting for new dog owners to get sucked into its vortex.  Do not say the words "we are getting a puppy" unless you want to instantly be offered equipment and stuff you never even heard off, have no idea if you need.  You take this stuff because a) you cannot believe what it costs to buy new b) you don't want to appear stoopid c) your dog must have what it needs. 

So there you have it - earths new astrological rings explained.

You're welcome.

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