Saturday, December 3, 2011

Simple Things

There is a blog "thing" called the simple things challenge - every week you take a photo of a simple thing and post it to the website.  My blog friend Janice posts hers every Saturday and I love how she finds the joy in simple things.

I was struck this week while peeling potatoes, such a simple yet timeless task, about how the potato peeler has yet to be bested by some gadget or other and that as I was peeling I was part of a long line of men and women that have peeled potatoes in the same way for centuries.....It is a simple thing....connecting generations.

I bought lunch for 6 people this week at different times.  I love how a simple meal or the act of making or bringing someone a meal can make such a difference, be an act of concern and love .  I love to feed people.  The food can be simple and hopefully the food can nourish the body but the relationships built and nurtured nourish my soul.  The giver is the receiver....very cool.

The sun comes up winter in the Pacific North West there can be days and weeks that sun is obscured by clouds...sometimes I forget it's even there......but I saw a magnificent sunrise this week.  I just had to look and stop for  a few minutes and the Creator revealed His creation in breathtaking simplicity.....light......simple but beautiful.

I dropped my phone.....simple mistake....smashed glass.  In a matter of 2 hours I had a new, functioning phone and life went on with barely a blip.  I met two lovely and helpful and sympathetic young men who helped me sort out a simple mistake.  Empathy is simple but powerful.  To hear "It's going to be ok"...simple words but balm for a bruised ego.

7 little boys spot Santa on a train platform and yell "Santa, it's Santa"...... Santa gets on the train and says "There you are, I have been wondering where you were all night" and poses for a photo....a train load of people witness joy and amazement....the smiles were amazing.  A little Christmas spirit shared by strangers. Very cool moment.

My husband washed the kitchen floor today......he scrubbed it while I showered after my workout and it looks amazing.  The kids cleaned up and vacuumed.  A clean house is so wonderful.....a simple act done in love makes my heart so glad.  It's not the grand gestures, its the everyday "stuff" we do for one another that make life rich.

The simple stuff counts.

Reading this blog is simple....but it warms my heart that you thank you!

May the simple things in your life bless you today.

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