Friday, December 23, 2011

Living Aloha

Sitting here watching the sunrise on our last full day in Hawaii

I can "see" Allan and the kids way down (from our 37th floor lanai) at the main surfing area.  At this time of the morning it's pretty quiet and I can spot Allan's white rash guard as he surfs. 

 The kids have fallen in love with surfing.  They had a great teacher in Mikey at Star Surf Boys......a friend of a friend.  Today they are without Mikey's tuition and boosts and hope they can swim hard enough to catch the waves.

We have had an amazing vacation.  We didn't do "everything", the weather was not "perfect" (but always warm but lots of rain showers and some wind) , Waikiki is busy......BUT we have loved it ALL.

It is that time in a vacation where you try to not think about tomorrow.....about packing the suitcases and heading to the just want it to go on......well you really believe you want it to go...for a bit longer anyway.

Today, after the surfers return and we have breakfast we are heading to the beach 2 blocks from our hotel and setting up for a day of swimming, snorkeling, shopping, reading, watching people, snacking.....just "beaching" all excursions, no plans.

Right now I am going to sit in the warm breeze with a coffee and take in the view and soak it all in.

Loving and living Aloha with my ohana for one more day......let's hope it's a day that runs on Hawaiian time!

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