Saturday, December 31, 2011

Au revoir 2011.......Aloha 2012

I write this 320th blog of the year as the last few grains of sand in the 2011 timer are running through and as the moment to flip the timer to 2012 is almost here.

I don't have the time or the emotional energy to review the year and all the happened.........I will but not today....

 Today we are preparing for a big Luau with friends and family to bring the spirit if Aloha from 2011 into was just a wisp of an idea 5 days ago and now it is a full blown epic party in the making! 

This time last week we were still breathing the humid, fragrant air of Oahu........and I miss it so much more than I would have imagined......I think it really sparked memories of my childhood growing up in that kind of climate and landscape.....I truly long to return (to Hawaii , not my childhood - just to be clear).   Right now I have Hawaiian radio streaming through a free app on my iPhone and I want to cry! time for this sentimentality! 

There is kalua pork to be cooked - Allan is on that job.  Lindsay and I cleaned the house (and rearranged all the furniture!) this morning and I love how it is all coming together.  We have created a photo booth with a tropical background and lots of Hawaiian swag for people to dress up in (including a coconut bra or two) and speech bubbles they can write messages on......It should be so much fun!  We have a tent outside on the patio and the fireplace ready to go to keep it cozy (and for s'mores of course!) and we have SO much food and a case of corona and lots of lime's going to feel like Hawaii here tonight.

The guest list is ever evolving.......just how I like it......I have no idea really who will drop in and what the final head count will be.  I trust there will be enough food and drink and lots of chatting and fun....some will watch hockey (Go Canada Go), I am sure there will be a Wii tournament or two, and lots of fun tunes.....

I love my home best when it's full of people......connecting and celebrating.......this New Years Eve will be memorable.....

Whatever you are doing, whomever you find yourself with as the year changes over, may you know love and peace, joy and contentment.......and may 2012 bring all your heart longs for.

Aloha friends.

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