Friday, December 9, 2011

Frosty Friday

I have had a very challenging day...... a lot went really wrong......but how we face these trials can depend on our although I had some down moments, some angry moments, some sad moments today I also had some really good moments, saw some beautiful things and enjoyed the company of my kids at one on my favourite places this afternoon - a little shopping excursion to Granville Island. So I acknowledge the bad but choose to focus on the it was a battle!

David walked to school this very frosty morning and instead of being grumpy and cold he decided to take the camera and look for beauty on his way.  I think he did very well.

Here are some of his photos and some of mine on this Frosty Friday!

Frosty Fields

Seagulls Skating

Frosty Fraser


Foggy River

David's Walk begins

River Sunrise (David)

New Dock (David)

Ripples (David)

Frosty bridge (David)

Frost (David)

Cold Green Boat (David)

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  1. great frosty photos! David got some great perspectives!