Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Today was one of those days there were many hats to juggle......

I started my day dark and early with a meeting at UBC for my event planning work (check out our new website at which started late but blessedly finished on time!  The meeting are ....well....meetings but I get to drive there and back with my business partner Joyce and I love the time we get to chat and catch up.
Then back to work at my regular Executive Director job - the last day of work before a 2 week break is always hectic and given its the end of the year there was alot on my to do list today......but most of it got done! And I managed to record my "extended absence greeting" on my voicemail in one try......that is an accomplishment in itself - so often I have record that thing 50 times as I suddenly become tongue tied and inarticulate and forget the date etc.... anyhoo today I did it in one! 

Then wife/nurse as Allan seized his back and I managed to get him into the Chiro.....because one cannot surf with a seized back......fingers crossed he feels better pretty by tomorrow!

Then I played Santa for a bit as I handed out Christmas bonuses..... preloaded VISA gift cards.....well received.  It was great to give an unexpected gift to women who do such great just never seems to be enough....but what would be enough really?  I don't know.....I just hope it brightens their day a bit.

Then to be Mom Taxi followed closely by being Dance Mom......Lindsay has a showcase for her Musical Theatre class in Vancouver tonight and I am anxious to see her perform at this new studio.  She has enjoyed her classes so it should be fun although I will likely be the only mother no wearing Lulu Lemon gear..or some name brand coat and boots......sigh....never was a Yummy Mummy....never will be..... 

Then to be "just Mom".  Lindsay and I have fallen into a happy ritual of having sushi together after her class on Wednesdays as the boys are already at soccer once we are done at dance.  I love this girl time with her and we chat and catch up and connect....she is so beautiful and smart and witty - I do adore her.  She might never speak to me again after she sees this.

Then home to try and let it sink into my head and body that my vacation has begun....the longest stretch off work I have had all year.  I have a couple days to get alot of Christmas stuff squared away and alot of packing stuff (like the swimsuit UGH) to get done and the car needs an oil change and a new headlight bulb... just ordinary stuff! (except the swimsuit...that is torture stuff).

So goodbye to the 2011 work year - it's been a rollercoaster as always....but I made it....

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