Sunday, December 4, 2011

Once Upon a Time

There was an old married couple (almost married for 20 years).

They managed to find a space in their crazy schedules to have a date night to celebrate their love.

The Grandparents offered to have the children.

The children agreed to go......

But as with old married couples with crazy schedules they had to fit some errands into their date night.  So they dropped off the kids and headed to the Mall.

Yes...the Mall....Sears.... to be precise.

The man needed clothes and his wife's opinion.  They did well and the clothes were bought in good time!

They headed downtown in their Madza 5 in search of a good place to eat.

The stopped in trendy South Granville hoping by some magic they could get into a very trendy restaurant that does not take reservations.

As they parked the wife switched out her mall walking shoes for her hot wife shoes in a vain attempt to recreate some of the first date feelings from SO long ago..... her black high heels made her......taller....

The magic failed and the trendy restaurant had a 2.5 hour wait.

The hot woman and her equally handsome date wandered the trendy part of town and then decided to head to one of their favourite spots in all the land.....Granville Island.

They went to another trendy restaurant now hoping they would get a table.

They got a perfect table with a perfect view and had champagne and ate good food and chatted like an old married couple about life and kids and hopes and dreams and memories....

And then they headed home.

As they arrived home the wife leaned down to get her mall walking shoes and ALAS there was only one!! 

After a brief debate they decided the shoe had likely fallen out of the car during the switch from old married lady to hot wife on a date.

So they headed all the way back downtown.....they kissed at every red light.....and chatted.

And ....... they found the shoe....perfect and exactly where it fell out of the carriage  car.

Prince Charming and Cinderella drove home....kissing at the red lights all the way home...and lived happily ever after.

The end.

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