Monday, December 26, 2011

Ordinary Moments

When you get back from a holiday......especially a big trip ....everyone wants to know "How was it?"

It was "lovely", "super", "just great"......none of which really tells the whole story.

Truth be told most people do not want to hear the "whole story" either.

For me it's about a whole lot of ordinary moments that happened in a pretty ordinary place......just not ordinary to me....which made the ordinary moments kinda special.

Some of my favourite moments:

  • the warm breeze on the lanai with a spectacular view.
  • Papaya
  • An old volcano - If one could fall in love with a mountain I would be in love with Diamond Head.  It took my breath away every time I set eyes on it and I took WAY too many photographs of it.  It is an amazing backdrop to Waikiki. 
  • Palm trees waving in the breeze.
  • Aloha - I loved saying it, hearing it, living is a powerful and all embracing word / feeling.
  • A date with my sweetheart - waves lapping at our feet and tiki torches illuminating our yummy food.
  • Stress-free time with my kids strolling along the beach or bobbing in the water.
  • Watching my kids with my parents - I love the way they all love each other.
  • The sun setting into the ocean (ok I do know it isn't but it sure looks like it).
  • Aqua ocean
  • Hiking with my family up Diamond Head......
  • Seeing my 3 surfers get up and head out at the crack of dawn - so special for them to have those memories of a special time together.
  • Learning about Polynesian culture
  • Deciding not to "do it all" and being ok with that.
  • Meeting a friend and getting to know her a bit better.
  • Beach time - just to sit and read and watch people...under palm trees.
  • Not hating myself in a swimsuit.
  • Time - precious time - with my family - laughing, eating, chatting, walking.......
An ordinary yet amazing week  - away - together - doing usual and unusual things - new things and familiar things .

Feeling VERY grateful for the blessing it was and trying to hold onto those ordinary moments and know that many of them can happen here - without the exotic backdrop (Diamond Head oh Diamond Head - how I miss you) - if we pay attention and see the beauty around us......

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