Sunday, November 13, 2011

The weekend of 11-11-11 in review

Weekend Top 11 review

1. A slow start to Friday.  Allan was a robotics "thing" at Science World all day.

2. I got the backyard cleaned up and the furniture stored for the winter. And everything secured before the coming wind storm.

3. Was driving around in the midst of a feirce windstorm - got some amazing photos (See Wordless Wednesday this week).  Actually had a pretty photo focused weekend (pun intended)

4. Dinner at my parents - a lovely meal - great conversation (and luckily electricity!)

5. An eerie drive home through many dark subdivisions where the power was out - no street lights or traffic lights.

6. Not having to go out in the pouring cold rain to soccer on Saturday (I am so thankful Allan took David)

7. Circle Craft Christmas Market- humbled by the talented people out there who create such amazing, beautiful and ingenious things.

8. A new restaurant - Nuba - Lebanese food - interesting but not as good as our beloved Habibi's in Portland.

9. My first time at the Steveston Winter Market followed by a wander through the village where I got craft supplies which alluded me all weekend, veggies, a few more Christmas gifts and a very good coffee.

10. One photobook completed, good progress on another one

11. A lovely roast dinner cooked by Allan followed by another episode of "Once Upon a Time" which continues to be interesting to watch and this week had lots of shots of our little piece of the world.

Now into a crazy busy week......

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