Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I said "No" and the world didn`t end.

I have a hard time saying ``No`` to things. Actually mostly hard saying "No" to people...... 

Allan always asks is the N or the O you have trouble with? 

I get it's a small word but it can be really hard to say (except for the toddlers in the room next to my office - they have it down pat! - when do we lose that ability?)

In those personality profiles one can do (and which Allan has just been doing at University) I am the do-er, the problem-solver the action focused, end goal gal. I forget the initials but basically Type A over-functioner-ish.

My own personal philosophy is that if it is worth doing it`s worth doing well.  So not only do I say ``Yes`` to things (some things I shouldn`t) I do those things as well as I can........ otherwise what is the point.?

But there has come a point at which my plate is a bit too full (some might argue this point came a while ago) and I had to say ``No`` to something.  Funnily enough it`s something I didn`t want to do in the first place but once I started it I have really enjoyed it........alot.  So it was with a heavy heart I came the the conclusion that when I return to teaching in January (one night a week on top of my full-time job and part-time business) I just can`t continue leading my junior youth group......

Although it was hard to say no..... I nearly caved many times........ I do think this is the right call for me and for my family.  When resources are stretched they need to be most preserved for those closest to me and with all that is going on in my family and with my kids.....this was the right things to do.

This is the second time recently I have said ``No`` to something and the world didn`t end.  I wasn`t wracked with (much) guilt and angst either.

Am I finally growing up?

I will likely always be the personality type I am now, hopefully a little smoother around the edges, a little more self-regulated, a little slower to speak and quicker to listen and maybe less controlling.  I am trusting someone else will pick up the ball for junior youth and all will be well.......maybe better..

Do you have something you should say ``No`` to?

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