Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just a few of my favourite things....

Seeing as we will be away for a week in December - the week before Christmas....we are not getting a Christmas tree.  So we are not doing all the usual Christmas traditions and decorating.

You will know that parting with traditions is hard for me.  I will miss the smell of the tree and the decorations that I pull out each year and remember who gave them to us or which kid made them.....and we always have pizza on the night we decorate the tree.

So last night David pulled out the Christmas rubbermaid boxes and I picked just a few of my favourite things to decorate with.  I had a lovely quiet hour doing my thing, listening to Christmas music and decorating.

One of the things I love the most is putting out our manger scene.  Allan built a stable years ago and I have a pretty hokey dollar store set of figurines.  The animals and the people are disproportionate. But I love them.  I also love the old crinkly tissue paper I wrap them in every year.  As I unwrap them each year I smooth out the paper and use it over and over again - I love how it feels.

So the house is as "Christmassy" as it's going to get this year and that's ok. 

I am sure the Mai Tai's will be a great substitute for eggnog!

I love my bannister

The stable

We only put baby Jesus in on Christmas morning - its the first thing we do

Allan carved and painted this guy.

David made this mitten hanger which I use for stockings

The reason for the season!

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