Thursday, November 3, 2011

Food Memories

The photo above will only mean something to you if you are a) South African or b) a South African living abroad or possibly c) have mad South African friends who have corrupted your tastebuds.

I was at a children's art warehouse in Port Moody yesterday (and can I say how lovely that part of the lower mainland is - I must return when not on work time to explore more) and in the semi-industrial complex next door was "African Trading" - a store selling all manner of goods from South Africa.

It's like falling through the rabbit hole.....
It's like walking through the wardrobe......
It's like walking into my childhood.....

It is a strange feeling.

Almost every product I look at stirs some long ago memory or association - I can smell the Ouma rusks dipped in coffee, the Lux soap, the wilson mint imperials my grandfather always had in his car.....I see those cookies on plates on veranda's on summer days, I know recipes that call for tennis biscuits.....

And suddenly I want it all - I want to run through the place grabbing one of everything - there is this ridiculous, loud argument going on in my head

Voice 1
"Buy it, ohhhh remember when you had those when you were a kid" "You should totally get those for Allan he would love them" "You should get those - the kids should know about those - taste that..."

Voice 2
"Who even knows what this stuff has in it - half of it is banned here" "You get the same stuff here - it's just different packaging - don't get sucked in" "Eating this stuff won't turn back time" "Check the expiry date - who knows how long this stuff has been here" "Talk about global footprint!"

Today, it was a tie between Voice 1 and Voice 2.

I got some things but I left others on the shelf....some of it regretfully I will admit (like the tennis biscuits and the Eat sum mores).  But not so regretful that I would drive the 45 minutes back to the store get them.......right now.....

It was the cookies that got to me today - my colleague Jennifer bought a box of Chockits and opened them in the car.....I had one.......ok........I had 2 - SO good!

The feeling of nostalgia was with me all day - funny how powerful memories can be.

So looking forward to a cheese and Mrs Balls Chutney sandwich, some nicknaks and jellytots.

And blowing one perfect bubble gum bubble with my chappies!!

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