Saturday, November 26, 2011

Soggy Day

The brief respite of sun yesterday which lifted spirits and gave hope was over all too soon as the "Heavy Rainfall Warning" arrived this morning. 

Not just rain.

Sideways, soaking-to-the-skin, gortex-defying rain. And cold.

Lindsay and I worked out indoors while Allan and David braved the outdoor soccer fields.  After a morning of chores and many petitions for the rain to take a break for the afternoon.......we headed into Steveston to volunteer for the community Movember "Whisker Weekend"

Two very fine young men have worked their butts off to get businesses to participate in giving Mo-deals this weekend for the good cause of raising money and awareness about mens health.  It was great to see the list of participating businesses grow and grow and today we hit the soggy streets with maps and details of the mo-deals.

Sadly few people want to stop and hear about deals as they dash through the raindrops, heads down, hoods up, umbrella's braced...... but our great little team of volunteers did a fine job and were rewarded with hot chocolates to warm up as they dried out.  I got some shopping done at the stores offering deals.

And the rain continues.

I don't mind it so much now that I am home, my hair and my jeans have dried and the fire is cheerfully burning in the fireplace.  And I ate a couple of great mini donuts from Outpost Mini Donut Company - the Manly Man Bacon Maple ones may have ruined my life actually.......they are too yummy for words!

So as we each do our "thing" - Allan writing a paper for University, Lindsay doing her hair and David supposedly cleaning his room (although it seems a tad too quiet up there) and me about to put on some Christmas music and do some Christmas decorating .......I am grateful for a cosy, warm house on this dark and rainy night.

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