Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog Madness

This blog is quickly approaching it's first birthday and I have been reflecting on it.  I truly did not have any expectations of it other than to chronicle our lives as our own digital scrapbook and also to give me a chance to write.

Some things I have found/learned/pondered/been amazed by:

1. I have written far more posts than I expected - it will be over 300 by the end of the year.  I can honestly say that I never struggled to find the topic or the words....the most surprising things came to me just when I sat down to write.

2. Finding the time has been challenging but doable. I often write late at night and post the next day but I have never written several posts ahead.

3.I write many blog posts in my head in the middle of the night that are so much better than the ones that I end up posting.  I need a direct brain to blog device.

4. I am over the panic of not posting for a day or two......if I have nothing to say or no time.... well.... no big deal.

5. I don't think I will ever be over my surprise at how many people read this - from across the globe.  Just yesterday the USA surpassed the Canadians as top viewers.  The list of countries from which people come is astounding......hello Bulgaria!

6. I will also always be surprised at which blog posts go viral and which are ignored....I have tried to guess.....and I am always wrong! 

7. I allow anonymous commenting on my blog - many don't - I get way more conversation on my blog via Facebook than on my actual blog and I know those people. There have been some touching and interesting comments this year.

8. I love reading back over my posts - it truly is a diary of my life and I love it for that. 

9. I have become a blog reader - I follow several blogs and sometimes just troll through blog land reading.  I am irritated by abandoned blogs littering blog land - if you are done, archive it, print it, whatever and delete.  I am blown away by the number and diversity of blogs.....there are a lot of people with a lot to say!

10. I want and need to spend more time exploring the "blogger" platform - I have a sense my blog could look better and be more streamlined - I think that will be my goal for the second year of my blogging.

11. Blogging had made me a better photographer.....I love capturing the ordinary, everyday moments and I think it will be cool for my kids to look back on ordinary days as well as big days and vacations and special moments.

12.  I don't think my writing has really improved or deepened in skill or creativity and maybe a blog isn't the right place for that.  I am pleased to be in the discipline of writing often.  Now I need to hone my skills.  There is still a book in me somewhere.  I just hope there is an Editor equal to the task!

13. I am humbled by the people who read what I write - I feel at once deeply grateful and somewhat embarrassed or shy.  It still takes me aback when I am telling someone a story and they interrupt me and say "Oh I know - I read it on your blog".

So thanks for being on this journey with me...I appreciate you and I'd love your feedback.....

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  1. Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog this morning. Nice to hear from you.

    I look forward to getting to know your family as I peruse your blog today.

    Looks like you live close by maybe.