Sunday, August 9, 2015

Late nights

In another way Teens are like Toddlers......both involve night time awakenings...

I have 2 rules.

1) be home by curfew agreed on before you leave


2) wake me when you get in

(it goes without saying that you answer any texts from me while out)

Funnily enough this hasn't been much of an issue in our house.

Until this summer.

Boy have my kids found a social life and a love of late late nights /early mornings.

And mostly it is going well.

I'm increasingly an insomniac any way so for the pre-midnight arrivals I am often awake.

Thereafter it is ....possible but unlikely.

But you can be sure I have some built in curfew detecting gene.  Never fails that I wake within
15 minutes of it.

And let me assure you there is little as Adrenalin producing as a mother awaking AFTER curfew and
seeing the hallway light is still on indicating the absence of a teenager.

No matter how soon thereafter their footfall is detected on the front walk way (yes I can hear that) it is TOO late!

And general crankiness ensues.  To say the least,

If I should be asleep, rare as that is, they gently shake my shoulder and without fail I grab their arm or hand.

And hold on.

I hold them there for a few seconds to make sure I will remember they woke me when I wake up 15 minutes later!

And then I exhale.


And knowing all my chickens are in the house I can let go of the 10,000 scenarios of doom I have contemplated while they were out and say a thankful prayer and sleep.

I love they are out and busy and I love how responsible they are but I don't think this Mama's heart will ever be truly restful until the last teen home locks the front door and turns out the light.

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