Thursday, August 20, 2015


Maui Day 1 is done and dusted and we acted like tourists at every turn.

1. We drove the white Chevy rental beast to Costco.
2. We oohed and aahed over the alcohol in Costco. And the cheese. And the cost of pineapples.
3. We bought Mai Tai mix for $10

4. After unloading Costco we headed for the quintessential Maui beach... Apparently voted Americas best beach... Kaanapali.  Americans obviously haven't been too many places... It's a nice beach for sure but not the best we've ever been on... Even in America. Just saying. 

5. We found 10 inches of shade in some bushes and sat for 5 minutes before dying of heat and rushing in to the oh so delightfully cool but not too cool ocean.  

6. We used pool noodles but not water shoes. We have some dignity. Also scraped up our feet on the rocky bottom. Tomorrow water shoes for all. Dignity is overrated.

7. We had a sunscreen failure. We are way too pink. Turns out the spray stuff is hard to apply in the wind .  Some of us have very odd "tan lines".  I am going to have to use a UV 2 million on my whole face except for where my sunglasses did an excellent job of blocking out the sun.

8. We actually went in to those stores that say 6 tshirts for $20 (that's $25 CDN) No purchases. Yet.

9. We ate cheeseburgers for lunch. In Paradise. They were great. The view was unbeatable.  We loved old Lahaina and the one acre Banyon tree was a site to see. 

Lunch and a view

10. We came home, swam at the condo pool for a while, BBQ'd with fellow BC'ers and mined them for information.

11. We received a weather alert text warning of flash floods .. not one drop of rain fell anywhere we could see? We took no precautions after the warning of a flood... Instead..,

12. We drank Mai Tais on the Lanai (we have almost flattened 4l of POG too)

13. Relaxed, sunburned, jet lagged and Mai taied... We will be in bed early tonight under the cooling ceiling fans and to the hum of the AC.

Great day. Mahalo.

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