Saturday, August 22, 2015


I have such high expectations of vacations.  I constantly have to tell myself to reign them in. To just "be in the moment".  But I always arrive at a vacation with research and lists. Lindsay is becoming a great co-researcher but the boys are a bit clueless which can be endearing or annoying depending on my mood.

Last night she and I offered 2 possible options and after weighing the pros and cons of each, we settled on Twin Falls, Makawao, Haleakala and a beach, maybe in Kihei.

Solid plan.

The alarm was set for 7am as we wanted to beat the heat of the day for the walk to the falls.

We set out on the highway to Hana (with no intention of reaching Hana) and soon drove into hippy Paia....well known for its collection of quirky characters.  It did not disappoint as we saw Hawaiian Jesus with his cross on his back at the very first  intersection!! I didn't even have my camera ready!!

We carried on through Paia and stopped at the first beach lookout to see the famed surf of the North shore.  To our delight a local lady pointed out two large "rocks" on the beach... Two large turtles having a nap. ( the kids saw a turtle in the water while snorkeling yesterday - so lucky!).

On we went to the Twin Falls and its iconic farm stall.  Sadly the falls were in full flash flood and the upper valley was closed so we didn't stay long.

We took some back roads to the "cowboy" town of Makawao on the slopes of Haleakala volcano. It was so very quaint.. Rural yet sophisticated.  We stood in line at the famed Kimodo Bakery for fresh made donuts on a stick and masalades..... Also like donut but some with fillings....very delish when paired with a coffee from Casanova and enjoyed on their veranda as the chickens walked under the table! 

After a wander and some retail we head up the road.

Way, way up.

Up to 10,000 feet.

Higher than Blackcomb by over 500m and three times the height of Table Mountain in Cape Town.

The fabled switchback drive through clouds layers has the amazing reward of emerging above the clouds and a view of a vast composite volcanic crater that looks like how I imagine Mars would look and nothing like a tropical Hawaiian island.

The highest I have ever been! LOL.

We picnicked in the cool mountain top air as clouds raced overhead on the trade winds and marveled at the views.

We came back down, Allan doing a masterful job of keeping the Chevy on the road through corner after corner after corner... While the children turned a little green and decided to nap instead of vomit... For which we are grateful! 

Once down we headed for Kihei but we didn't really find a beach that called out name so we came "home" and went in to the ocean on our doorstep and bobbed happily until dinner called our name.

We returned to Kihei to the renowned Coconut Fish Cafe where we feasted on coconut shrimp, fish tacos, ahi and Ono fresh fish... So delicious with friendly service and no wait! Actually we have seen no crowds or waits anywhere.

Our perfect 10/10 day ended with Ono Hawaii Gelato... I had the Hawaiian Hottie.  Of course!

Now back for some Pogka to finish the day (as well as quite the thunderstorm and lightening show from the condo) and plan tomorrow because after today ... Well... Expectations are high. Again!


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