Sunday, August 16, 2015

Check Check Check

You know how it goes - 3 days until a family of 4 leave for vacay.......


Places to go, Places to eat, What to pack, meal plans......

We are on a budget thanks to 1 BA, 1 MA and the CDN dollar miserable to the USD.

SO we are taking food.  Everyone has been instructed to leave 1/3 of their suitcase free for granola, granola bars, coffee, tea, salt, pepper, spices etc.

I am also taking the dry ingredients for pancakes and muffins already mixed.  However I am not counting on two large bags of white powder actually making it to Maui  (I'm not going to argue with Security but I am writing out the recipes for our favourite Jamie Oliver pancakes in case they need them )!

For the rest we will COSTCO.

There are some local foods we are going to eat, fish tacos, coconut shrimp, shave ice, POG, papaya...

But for today... the suitcases are pulled out...the tags from the last trips taken off (NYC, Edmonton, Paris and Frankfurt respectively - #unbelievablylucky)

Clothes are washed, sorted and in piles.

Books were bought in the Village for the other 3 Byres.

We just met the house/dog sitter and she was schooled in all things Spanner.  The CSA box has been gifted.  Now to clean the fridge and make one bedroom habitable for the house sitter.

And over dinner after a lovely stroll to the village and back, freezing bags of peaches for summer taste sensations in December when this is all a distant, waterlogged memory, we chatted about things we were looking forward to in the next 10 days.

I am looking forward to getting a 14 hour Monday work day over and when 4:30pm rolls around on Tuesday that'll be me you will here WHOOPING for joy!

Allan and David have assorted chores and task around the house to accomplish and Lindsay works until 15 minutes before we leave for the airport on Wednesday.

Tired as I am, long as the lists are... this is a part of vacation I love...the anticipation, the googling places and reading about hikes and beaches and shrimp stands.

I'm off to bed now. I started my beach reading already.... Roll on vacation!

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