Friday, August 14, 2015


There is no way around it but to say I am flirting with a burnout.  I am stressed and tired. Not sleeping and yet struggling to wake to the alarm (as my best sleep starts at 5am). I don't  currently have the energy to get through 5 days straight at my desk. 

I took a half day today and worked from home. The change of physical space makes me much much more productive. I also move around more (making coffee, doing laundry etc.), there is natural light.  And a dog. :)

Today I decided to beat the called for rain and walk in to the village (ever hopeful if I keep up the thousands of steps on my Fitbit daily I will keep depression at bay).

That walk and my time in the Village was easily the best part of my week. Maybe in my fatigue fog I am just so easily pleased or maybe the chance to do some things for and by myself was just what I needed. 

Or maybe kindness, it turns out, is the antidote to stress?

I walked in sunshine and a cool breeze to my pharmacy to pick up some meds.  The pharmacist asked me why I was taking those meds and I told him and found myself very unexpectedly tearful. He was so gentle and kind and discussed the use of some natural remedies to help me sleep.  He gave me time and empathy and just straight up kindness.

I then walked in to a local gift shop needing two birthday gifts for two special young people. I felt uninspired but the shop keeper and the other locals were so friendly and chatty and soon I was getting lots of help.  In the end I found just exactly what I was looking for on my own, but It felt lovely to be there. More kindness.

I wandered on down the street to the Village second hand book store / coffee house which makes a fantastic Americano (and possibly a delicious blueberry muffin:)).  I ran several book titles by the lady and we wandered around the store chatting and looking for good beach books.  I came away with 3 books and as she handed me the bag she looked me in the eye and said "It was lovely to meet you today".  How kind. 

Maybe the village is always like this or maybe those random strangers could see my heart could use a little kindness today.

I don't know what caused it but was balm to my tired soul today and I am so grateful. 

The rest of the day was a zoo with lots of complications and busyness but the kindness shown to me in my one hour in the village carried me through and now having fed my family (I even tried a new recipe for roasted cauliflower dip which was delish) I am putting up my tired feet and doing no more.  Other chores can wait until tomorrow (when thankfully my boy will be home from camp... I have missed him so much). 

It's tempting to start my beach reading...

It's only two more work days and then my vacation battery recharge will begin.   
I can't wait! 

PS:  Just as I was about to post this my parents popped by and gave us a card with some generous kindness in it for a dinner out in Maui..... a beautiful end to the day.  Thanks Mom and Dad xoxoxo


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